The Best Reason to Keep your Needle Fresh

Not much to write. Woke up, went straight to the phone, since it was already mid-day in Los Angeles and had to catch some people at their work before they left. One thing into another, and it turned into a day where I sat in my pajamas ordering books and movies, tracking down italian soundtrack LP's and preparing t-shirt designs for the printer, listening endlessly to Goblin's Dawn of the Dead score. I found the score, oddly enough, in a small boutique shop in Sydney's Surrey Hills area after continuely searching for it for months while in L.A.
And not only did I find it, but the edition is awesome. Just look at this front cover, a thing of stark, almost serene, beauty:
Yeah, thats right, zombies on an goddamn ice rink.
Gatefolded, 180 grams on red vinyl, this thing is perfect. Released by an italian company I have never heard of, DAGORED. Looked around the great, glorious, mostly useless, internet and finally found a complete listing of their catalogue. Good lord if its not an amazing list, with loads of little heard Morricone, like his score for the WWII nazi movie GOTT MIT UNS, John Carpenter's early film scores, stuff from John Barry (Game of Death), Fabio Frizzi (The Beyond), and Alex North (South Sea adventure...which reminds me I still have to get copies of his unused 2001 Space Odessey score for the shop......)! That these recordings were in print would be a great thing unto itself, but they're also beautifully designed and put together at the highest quality. Totally great reminder of the joys of vinyl and why sometimes vinyl is the only way. I am slowly putting together a list of this stuff for the store, but am trying to go slow, forcing myself to hold out a bit. I actually have no idea if any one will actually like this stuff besides me and Kramer and Tahli. I hope people buy this stuff, so we can carry all of it. It's stuff like this that got us excited to open FAMILY in the first place.

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