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A bunch of records are arriving Monday at the store-more Italian soundtracks, some super early Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, Blue Cheer, Stanley Bros, Albert Ayler and others, but am particularly happy that we will now be carrying the following Family Favorites:

Dock Boggs-Country Blues
From the collection of John Fahey comes these remastered recordings previously only available on out of print 78's. Recorded when he was a young man, Boggs sounds much younger and his playing is much faster than on the Alan Lomax collection solo disc which was recorded when Boggs was already quite old (not that that record isn't gold-it is, but this is exciting because not only does it mean more Boggs, but a different Boggs). Beautifully designed package with double clear LP's, silver ink on heavy gatefolded covers, and a 12 x 12 in depth booklet. From Revanant.
(man does that scan look like shit....I'll try to scan a copy later so you can get a better idea of how great this is)

Twink-Think Pink.
Reissue on 180 gram vinyl of the great 1970 solo project from the drummer of english psych rock band The Pink faeries. I remember before hearing this, someone trying to describe it-"prog, country, sorta blues-y y'know, pyschedelic, folksey, do you like creedence? its like seventies rock, but...." I laughed because it sounded ridiculous, but that discription sorta holds....and except for one track, its great.

Patty Waters-College Tour
a real vocal innovator, Waters has a scary and beautiful voice and in her super short musical career she collaborated wih Mingus and Bill Evans, but her best work is her avante garde experimental work with Ran Blake and Burton Green. this record is intense intense intense.

Shades of joy-The Music of El Topo
The Soundtrack to the Jodowrosky classic on 180 gram imported from Italy!

American Primitives, Vol. 1: Raw Pre-War Gospel
Beautiful packaged 26 track collection of gospel and blues songs recorded among a variety of "race" labels between 1926 and 1936. Comes with Detailed liner notes provided for each track, along with an essay by John Fahey. Great stuff by Charley Patton, Bukka White, and Blind Roosevelt Graves, and many others. Apparently, '26 to '36 are the years to beat for amazing music.

Black Sabbath-Club Sonderauflage
Or maybe it was 1970. A fan made compilation available only to German BS fan club members (I am imaginig a wood panelled t.v. room with six 14 year olds with fat mullets, jean jackets without sleeves, short legs and acne). Super nice packaging and on 180 gram vinyl.

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Good Stuff. I can't wait to stop by the store next time I'm in LA.

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