Mystery Solved!

less than 3 hours after posting our nagging movie question we got a winner! Edward Davis said fortress, and after bit of online digging, turns out he is totally correct. turns out it's australian, shot in '86, and stars rachel ward as the teacher. also, its written by the guy who wrote the monser pig movie, razorback. sweet.
edward, email us your address at a gift of gratitude is coming.

posted by sammy at 9:51 AM

Blogger NATE said...

i was almost positive it was point break.

12:10 PM  

Blogger nathaniel russell said...

this was a staple of summer afternoon HBO when i was a kid. as was BMX Bandits, another aussie fave.

12:29 PM  

Blogger Justin Howe said...

Oh wow -- I remember this movie. One morning I woke up early and snuck some TV before going to school (we had just gotten cable) and watched this. I was a basket case for the rest of the day.

11:37 AM  

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