Sumi Ink Club Encounter

If anyone hasn't met up with Luke and Sarah of The Sumi Ink Club for one of their drawing sessions somewhere around the globe, I encourage you wholeheartedly. Besides the uplifting communal drawing experience there are also free energy drinks. Check their website for the next meeting.

I went last week with my Australian friend Thomas Jeppe and together we created this masterpiece:

This Thomas Jeppe also runs a publishing company called Serps Press out of Australia. They have published such gems as the Homemade Tattoos Rule book, and various photo books by Conor O'Brien. Check the selection over here.

Here's a spread from a brand new one:

He is also one of the editors on an amazing Australian art newspaper/magazine called Won. We should have some in the store any day now. The current issue features:

Daniel Wang, Will Sweeney, Aaron Rose, Ken Werner, Mårten Lange, The Changes, Nienke Klunder, Robert Cook, Thobias Fäldt, Amanda Maxwell, Linus Bill, Jeremie Egry, Andrew Long, Thomas Baldischwyler, Ben Barretto, Holger Czukay, Vernon Treweeke, Deanna Templeton, Matt Wolf, Rosemary Scanlon, Sarah Larnarch, Martin Bell.

Check their site here:

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Fantasy! Did you know that you posted that at 3:33? fucking magic. I almost bought this book at the flohmarkt the other day: PragMagic, a guide to everyday magic.

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