Did you know this is out?

The new Cinefamily tabloid is out, so keep your eye out for it around town. Besides showcasing an amazing list of movies and festivals (Downey Sr.! Stop Motion! Dangerous Men!), it is graced with an original Tokyo Story cover drawn by Chris Ware, for our Ozu festival. It is the kind of beautiful, rich drawing you can just spend a whole day staring at, so you'll want a print copy.

posted by sammy at 8:48 AM

Blogger Uland said...

Wow. Cool.

Hey, I just posted a short interview with French weirdo drawer Frederic Fluery on the TOP DRAWER BLOG.

Chekitout: http://10drawerquestions.blogspot.com

I thought Family members might want to check it out!

5:12 PM  

Blogger Andrew said...

Oh wow, that's fantastic.

10:39 PM  

Blogger LOOKA said...

Oh, why did I have to leave the US before this was out.......

4:14 AM  

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