Movies! Playing! This! Month!

New Cinefamily program should be out this week, featuring a Johnny Ryan cover (above, sans logo, text). Lost in the Desert (South Africa, 1969, also goes by the alternate title of Dirkie-try getting that word out of your head) was something head programmer Hadrian found in a pile of prints he bought as a lot in a yard sale. He says it is definitely one of the most wild movies ostensibly made for children. The kind of lost in the cracks gem that totally delivers and you probably wont see anywhere. BUT, that said, if your not interested in the fine genre of kids being tortured by god, there is always the Deep End/That Cold Day in the Park double feature, which I am really excited about. All kinds of great things playing. Just click the link to the right for more.

posted by sammy at 7:12 PM