Pat deWitt at Cinefamily 3/29 @ 8pm

Patrick DeWitt presents Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

You might have heard that once a month Family curates a night at the Silent Movie Theatre where we get someone we like - artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, comedians, or generally inspiring folk - to curate and introduce a night of films. First, they show lesser-seen short films that they’ve made, or that have been made about them-or that they just like. Afterwards, they show a feature that has personally influenced them, and finally they explain it all and take your questions too.

The first one we did was with Mike Mills and this one coming up features Pat Dewitt, this Sunday 3/29 at 8pm. You may have seen his little self help book published by Teenage Teardrops, Help Yourself Help Yourself. His first novel, Ablutions, has just been released to much ecstatic fanfare: A nameless bartender ambles toward redemption, while flanked by a bleak coterie of miscreants, all miserably funny. Among Dewitt's selections for the evening are an animated trailer for Ablutions by omni-faceted animator and Wholphin/Mcsweeneys regular Carson Mell. Dewitt will be reading from Ablutions, before the screening of the 1960 feature-length drama Saturday Night and Sunday Morning - a gritty, incisive take on life and love in industrial Nottingham. Albert Finney stars in his first major role as surprisingly likable Arthur Seaton, a factory worker whose few hours of free time are spent drinking heavily, rebelling violently against his conceptions of authority, and connecting clumsily with equally troubled local women.

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