New strip in Vice.

I have a four page strip in the new issue of Vice, the Fiction Issue. It printed well-more people should print their comics on glossy paper.
We have copies in the store, but if you can't get a hold of the actual object, you can read it here.

posted by sammy at 3:00 PM

Anonymous dddoofus said...

I remember you talking about uncoated vs glossy paper on ink studs last year. I still don't get it. uncoated paper still seems to look better to me. but I'd like to hear you elaborate more on the paper subject.

1:43 PM  

Blogger Alex said...

I'm completely amazed.

4:27 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

hey doofus,
well, what I was talking about on the inkstuds program was different-that was about trying to get the best fidelity reproduction of color art, and trying to find an uncoated stock that does what the best coated stock does with color. the vice thing is black and white, and there is something nice to glossy black ink-it can look quite sharp in its shiny wetness. I like uncoated as well, and it is my preference for comic books, since magazines have a less art object (i.e. warm) feel when compared to a comic book all put together by one person. I just think it's a nice change to see something on glossy paper-it recontextualizes it into something slightly different. that said, I prefer to read charles burns' black hole as it ran as single issues, since I think his work really looks great on glossy, where the uncoated paper used in the black hole collection doesnt seem to pack the same oomph. also the new michael deforge comic, LOSER, is on glossy and really gains something by that. so it depends.

10:04 PM  

Blogger Chuck said...

I love this new strip. When I read your work, I am often surprised at how I am put into a very specific time. And usually it's seems like you tend to date the strips at the very beginning. I am thinking of this new one as well at the Ukraine strip. It almost gives me an immediate nostalgia. A nostalgia for places I have only seen in movies. This is probably one of my favorite feelings when reading comics or fiction. anyway. It's always nice to see new work from you.
As for the glossy...That Lose comic is really stunning book and I think the glossiness really made it a unique object. I can't believe he drew it on a Wacom tablet. I think that's a good point about the 2 versions of black hole. I never identified it as such but I never got the same excitement over the artwork as I did reading the issues.

7:08 AM  

Blogger sammy said...

I didn't know LOSE was drawn on a wacom. it looks very good, I agree.
thanks for the nice words. I totally agree about one of the joys of good fiction is the sense of a place/time it can drop you in-even if you aren't familiar with that particular space, it can play with your notions of it, however shallow they may be, and play with that as part of the story experience. this is why jim shepard and charles willeford are such great writers to me.

11:30 AM  

Blogger Chuck said...

I'll be sure to check out Shepard and Willeford. I just got into Grace Paley. Her short stories are just perfect chunks of peoples lives.

8:41 AM  

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