Getting There....

Gary Panter came in on friday to start on a chalk mural for the projection wall built for him and Joshua White. I could have watched him all day, and practically did.

While gary worked on the wall, the program posters arrived.

All ten thousand of them.
The image is by Ben Jones. 27 x 32 is really big.

Then I got a great cup of coffee at the Spanish diner around the corner.

And here's what the wall was looking like when I was leaving for the day:

Why has nobody made Panter wallpaper yet? seems like an obvious one. Also, dont ask for his notes. That's just plain rude.

posted by sammy at 5:35 AM

Blogger Inkstuds said...

Oh man Sammy, you are putting together an amazing month. Wish i could check it out.

6:46 PM  

Blogger James Henry Dufresne said...

My pants got a little tighter when I scrolled down and saw those last Panter pics.

6:48 PM  

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