Drew Friedman Coming Soon!

The "Vermeer of the Borscht Belt", Drew Friedman, has been blowing our collective minds for years. I first saw his crazy comic strips (done with his brother Josh Alan Friedman) where C-list jewish comedians and character actors (and Tor Johnson!) lived in a perpetual fifties New York full of anxiety and sleaze in Art Spiegelman's Raw magazine. Amazing to say the least. Since those early days, he has been published in just about every magazine you can imagine, and done some of the most iconoclastic celebrity portraits this side of Hirschfeld. No artist alive brings as much craft, humor, personality and timelessness to portraiture like Friedman. His collections include Old Jewish Comedians, The Fun Never Stops, More Jewish Comedians, and the forthcoming Too Soon? .
On Sunday June 13th, he's making a rare trip out to LA, and we are psyched to be having him over at Family where author and journalist Ben Schwartz will host a conversation with the artist, followed by a book signing.
Starts at 7pm!

BONUS: Drew just posted a lengthy blog post on Drawger on twenty years of drawing Howard Stern.
P.S. I pulled most of these images off Drew Friedman's awesome prints site which is worth a look around.

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