Late At Night

Awesome artist? Check. Master of ruler and hammer? Obviously. Has the easiest laugh in the room? Always. These things you probably know about Denise Kupferschmidt, but what about her extracurricular activities as DJ Bobbi Lupo? Again, totally awesome. She DJ'd for us at the Trash Humpers premier party and at the Thirty Days NY opening. And lucky for those of us unlucky enough to not have Denise for a roommate, carpool bud, or locker neighbor, she has the site, LATE AT NIGHT (shared with another great DJ, Renee Alize) to grab playlists, downloads, guest DJ mixes, and found-on-the-sidewalk- twenty-year-old-anonymous mix-tapes (seriously, the Airstreamin' Dreamin' found mix tape is amazing. click here and scroll down to it).

Late At Night FACEBOOK

posted by sammy at 9:54 AM