at THE CINEFAMILY Sunday September 5th 8PM
21st-century composers/mindwarpers Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman present a furious mash-up of live music, video, staged theatrics, and global meltdowns. Get ready for their disjunctive, startlingly array of live shredding, extreme feedback, YouTube bombardment, ecstatic dance moves, and Saturday morning cartoons, as the group’s newest performance delves into the world of tween culture and the current obsession with the infinite hall of mirrors known as "being forever young". Jacob Ciocci is an artist most well-known as being one-third of the art collective Paper Rad (whose prolific flagellations of music, installations, websites, and animations continue to leave the masses gingerly agog), and David Wightman is currently a lecturer of Pop Music Studies at UCSD, as well as one of the main men behind sonic terrorist bands Fortress of Amplitude, Powdered Wigs, and Chariots of Fire.

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