Two More New Family Shirts!

Here's our new C.F. and Mat Brinkman shirts!

We guarantee the shirt and image print, to be the most uniquely soft you've ever worn! We went to some pains to make the shirts with a really nice material, cut, and ink that won't feel stiff (they're not American Apparel, Hanes etc). Available in S, M, L, XL. (Note - sizes run on the small side). Limitied run, so get in right here: WEBSTORE

posted by kramer at 5:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you guys get mat's head book in yet? or that weird compilation thing picbox is doing on him? also powr mastrs 3 - when can we expect!?

4:51 PM  

Blogger kramer said...

head book is in! you can buy it on our webstore.sorry, don't know the answers to the other questions...

11:07 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

Is the Brinkman "compilation" you're asking about Multiforce? That's a collection and there's no other recent Brinkman book. If so, yes, we have it.
Powr Mastrs 3 is coming in november. We are doing a book launch for that with Brian chippendale's new one, If and Oof, with both artists near the end of November.

11:55 PM  

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