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Ai Weiwei - Dropping the Urn

Background Noise - edited by Arbet, Egry, & Poillot . Featuring: Thobias Fäldt, Seth Fluker, Shane Lavalette, Peter Sutherland, Ola Rindal, Pierre Le Hors, Coley Brown - Nicholas Gottlund, Mårten Lange, and more

Tonetta Volume II LP- From Black Tent Press. Complete with dick monoprint from the man himself. Plus restock of the first LP

Over and Over - catalogue of performance, staged activity and public intervention work by Katerina Seda

Karnaval - Photos and oral histories of mardigras in Haiti, where men wear drag, black up, wear cow horns, throw lassos and dance with snakes in their mouths. By Soul Jazz books

Herve Morvan - The Genius of French Poster Art. Beautiful book of 1950s-60s work!

Acme Novelty Library Vol 20 - A brand new book by Chris Ware!

Best Company - Book remembering the 1980s 'high-school' sweaters designed by Olmes Carretti in Italy, under the Best Company label

Jim Carroll - The Petting Zoo. New posthumous novel with cover art by Raymond Pettibon

Bidoun Magazine #22 - Arts and culture from the middle east

Larry Marshall LP - With cover art by C.F.

Conor O'Brien - The Passed Note. Includes a short story by Amanda Maxwell

Ed Templeton's Litmus Test zine/photo book - photos from Russia - Published by Super Labo of Japan. Copies are signed

Hamburger Eyes Zines - Six zines by various contributors, including portraits by Ray Potes and Celly Brain, cell phone photography

Jacob Holdt's America: Faith, Hope, and Love - Back in stock!

Mia San Mia - by Hans Haake

Tearist LP - ST. Letter-pressed cover design!

Wholphin #12 - Short films from around the world including Danny Mcbride as George Washington

Role Models - A memoir by John Waters

Big Questions #15 - by Anders Nilsen

Nature Stories - By Jules Renard. Re-issued collection of stories about bats and birds, autumn leaves and the new moon

Cathexis - A dazzling new photo book by Mark Mccoy

Swill Children - Loads of new risographed titles

The Wild Kingdom - by Kevin Huizenga. Glenn Glanges, the modern day Dagwood Bumstead tackles some typically heady topics

Dave Eggers issue of Monokultur from Berlin

Don't forget about the reading/signing for California on Sunday, Dec 19 with Amra Brooks + Sarah Manguso!

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