We guest-edited a chunk of the current issue of Paper magazine. We have a big stack to give away at the store so come and pick one up. It's the LA issue so everyone is local. Here's the list: Elliott Gould interviewed by the Safdie Bros. Ben Jones interviewed by Sammy. Kathryn Andrews by Dan Nadel and Rachel Uffner. Amy Gerstler interviewed by Trinie Dalton. Mike Kelley interviewed by Jesse Pearson. Stanya Kahn interviewed by me. Crazy Band by Nate Walton. Ed Fella by Jennifer Krasinski. And a special illustration by Brian Roettinger concerning early LA punk establishments.
Special thanks to Kim Hastreiter and David Hershkovitz!

Sarah Soquel Morhaim shot all the portraits for the section. Here's some of the out takes. For more go HERE to her site.

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