bonnie prince billy sings like a drunk jew.

I dont endorse the shemspeed website. the whole thing over there is just fucking weird and dumb and makes me uncomfortable. but go there for the free download of bonnie prince billy doing a cover of the hasidic folk song darkecho (link right here). the version he is covering is based on the darkecho album my brother jonathan did with our crazy bud, david brook, a few years ago. their whole darkcho record is pretty nuts and was never widely released beyond copies to friends. all the songs are new versions of traditional hasidic folk songs. and bonnie, being a fan of that record, decided to perform the title song on the road while on tour with the cairo gang.
if you like that, here is the whole darkecho record to stream or download (click here), which will probably have hasidic melodies stuck in your head along with the ghosts of peasant ukranians, who sang these songs drunk at a shitty table after a wedding, or birth, or pogrom, or rape, or recent death. enjoy.

posted by sammy at 10:57 AM