Excerpts from Cheryl Dunn's new documentary Everybody Street. Don't forget book launch on Wednesday

"Since the invention of photography, there have been these obsessive characters that have spent their lives recording and documenting. Why did Bruce Davidson ride the subways all night long shooting pictures during NY's most crime ridden years? Why did Martha Cooper continually wake up at dawn to shoot the passing subway cars from empty lots in the South Bronx, capturing graffiti history in the making? Why did Jill Freedman spend 2 years riding in squad cars on the midnight shift to document the life and times of NYC street cops and the dangerous neighborhoods they patrolled?

 These pictures present a truth, a moment in time, the frantic hustle, the violence, the humanity and hope of NYC and its inhabitants. As the title signifies, NYC streets belong to everybody. We all walk on them, we all take our messages there, sell things, fight, laugh, protest, collide, or ignore each other. This street theater and how it plays out is what compels street photographers to devote their lives to stopping a second in time."

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