E.C. Segar in the family house

Popeye vol. 1 'I yam what I yam' by E.C. Segar, published by Fantagraphics books.
Oversized, hardcover, in color, the first year of one of the raddest comics ever made. For those of you that checked out the Masters of American cartooning show at the Hammer last march, you probably saw some of the originals from this and know what a sight they were. Segar's drawings always have a manic energy no matter how badly printed or shrunk down, but to see them at actual size, what is striking is how composed they are in their chaos. Every line seems delibrately placed, making him less like a George Herriman and more like a Frank King. A real clarity that can get a bit lost when reading it in something like this:

So the timing for this new collection is perfect. It's not printed at the size it was initially drawn for, but it still looks pretty great.
And designer Jacob Covey has done his best work here. Fantagraphics books have never ever looked as good as they do since Covey joined them. and on top of all that, the cover is a die cut:

above image stolen from Fantagraphics Flog blog.

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