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UPDATE: I was wrong, this book is silkscreened, NOT offset. I assumed it was offset because Goldberg has done offset before. Does this new information negate the below post sort of, but not really. The book is still a shining beacon of greatness.
One of the coolest books of 2006 recently arrived in the store is by Leif Goldberg, called Wildlife Refuse. A small paperback of a story told in comics and more looser modes of drawing/text combinations. It's offest printed but it feels like a mini comic, in its warmness and feeling of craft. Maybe it's because Goldberg printed, bound, and trimmed it himself. Some of the color is blindingly bright, making it looks like nothing else, sticking out in a sea of printed matter. I forget that offset mass produced books can be art objects as much as limited edition silkscreened ones. If I am not mistaken, Goldberg often draws and creates the color directly on the plates, creating a book that is not work forced into an existing format, but the form itself a piece of the work. Its an incredibly inspiring book that will make almost everything else on your shelf look retarded.
We decided not to put them online so if your outisde of LA, try the Buenaventura Press site ( in a few weeks.
also arrived is the Goldberg calendar for 2007. which is also completely nuts.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would agree with that, this little book is awesome! Well worth hunting down and it's a limited run, so chop chop...

Leif's work is great, I hope we'll see a bunch more self-published and pro-published work in 2007.

8:10 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think that perhaps the book as an art object loses value if it's printed in, let's say, an edition of 20 000 copies, as opposed to 10 or 20?

Or is it totally valid to consider them having the same value in price, (almost as if the book was a lithography-reproduction of an original work of art)..

2:35 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

if you mean in monetary value, than yeah, a book with a print run of 10 is worth more just for the sheer demand. if you mean as an art object, no. at the end of the day goldberg is hand printing, binding, cutting each copy and my guess is the print run reflects whats physically do-able for one man with many interests and projects.

11:25 PM  

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