Great Anti-Semites.


H.P. Lovecraft.


Knut Hamsun.
Note: The above photo is of an older Hamsun because I want to believe his nazism was just a part of his senility.

Roald Dahl.

Ezra Pound.

Bobby Fischer.

Professor Griff.


H.G. Wells

posted by sammy at 4:44 AM

Blogger Milo George said...

My top five anti-Semites would be:

1. Pierre Renoir
2. Mark Twain
3. H.G. Wells
4. Edgar Degas
5. Thomas Edison

8:50 AM  

Blogger Luke P. said...

Lovecraft ( I think)

12:31 PM  

Blogger T. Hodler said...

Lovecraft was at least a little anti-Semitic, but he was also briefly married to a Russian Jew. I don't know if that really counts for anything or not in the long run, though.

1:20 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

noted! I will keep updating this, so keep them coming.
tod, by the way, great post at comics comics about that lame fuckface over at the ny times book review. And the wolverton slight. write more!

3:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark Twain was hardly an anti-Semite... quite the opposite in fact. And I really wouldn't characterize Hemingway as an anti-Semite, as most do, for his portrait of Robert Cohn in The Sun Also Rises. We should be careful not to confuse a character's views with the author's, which is not to say they couldn't be the same.

9:34 PM  

Blogger Milo George said...

For most of his life, Twain casually held many of the common anti-semitic attitudes of his time. That he pulled his shit together late in life and even ordered his estate to delete such material from future collections is somewhat admirable, but that doesn't erase what he wrote about the Jews from his life.

10:25 AM  

Blogger T. Hodler said...

Thanks, Sammy!

By the way, it's Tim, not Tod. I greatly regret the day I typed just my first initial into Blogger.

I didn't know H.G. Wells was an anti-semite, and I hope there's some kind of mistake. If it's true, I will be sad.

10:26 AM  

Blogger T. Hodler said...

I just did some Googling, and yeah, it looks like Wells had some pretty strong anti-semitic tendencies.

10:30 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it doesn't erase it, but I wouldn't say Twain upheld those views for the majority of his life. Secondly, to simply call him anti-Semitic is somewhat myopic. I don't think we can make a blanket judgement of someone based on mistakes they made during any particular period of their life. After all, it would be forgetting everything positive he did/wrote.

Sammy, I think you should keep two more lists: Great Defenders of the Jews (Twain, Joyce, Nabokov off the top of my head) and Great Jews (stricktly keeping it to literature: Proust, Musil, Broch, Kafka among the heavyweights)

This will at least offset the negativity that the anti list creates. "What a shame" is what I always think.

10:48 AM  

Blogger sammy said...

jon, with the title of the post I implying that I think these guys are great regardless of some of thier beliefs(at times). in fact, for all of them, I htink their anti-semitism can be sort of forgiven. I was going to comment under each photo what I mean, maybe I hsould have.
with H.P., the poor guy was super nostalgiaist and blamed non whites for ruining america, doestevsky was russian and being russian at the time meant being antisemetic was a given in that culture, bobby fischer is completely nuts, and I am the ultimate hamsun aplogist because I wont believe that the guy who wrote PAN is racist.
so I dont begrudge these guys being products of their time and countries. yeah it still sorta sucks but....maybe the best thing I learned from this is that nabakov was pro jewish. thats neat.
TIM, I swear I knew it was tim. fuck, embarassed. are the same tim married to lauren W.?

1:33 PM  

Blogger T. Hodler said...

Yup, the same.

And don't worry about it. Like I said, I blame myself for going with the initial. & you'd be surprised how often people think my name is Todd, for that matter.

By the way, thanks for recommending those old CFQ magazines. I picked up a stack of them, and they're great. Lots of fun.

3:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sammy, I see what you mean and I certainly join you as an apologist, at least in certain cases. Don't forget that Hamsun also wrote Hunger (which made for quite a fine film as well) so he has much going for him despite his... shortcomings. I veer back and forth whether or not to acknowledge the personal lives of luminaries, but after reading Nietzsche's defense of ad hominum arguments, it's practically a foregone conclusion. (btw, add Nietzsche and Dickens to that list of defenders, I forgot to mention)

There's actually a great story about a particular Nabokov instance of defense which is probably too long to post here, but certainly worth searching for. I know it's, at least, published in the annotated Lolita. And his wife was Jewish, so he'd be hard pressed to be anything BUT a defender after all.

5:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

there was article in the new yorker about a year ago discussin knut hamsun and his weird-ass life. good article. that writer, too, was disturbed by his craziness.

5:46 PM  

Blogger Luke P. said...

This may be way off-base, but as I understand the anti-semitism of many of the early modern intellectuals, it had a lot to do with problems with Judaism- intellectual differences, that they went on to ostensibly make apparent in the Jewish elite, which was often reffered to as International Jewry. It's much like criticisms of the Anglo-establishment which seem to conflate simply being Anglo as having -or exemplifying- the criticisms made against what is clearly an elite; the peasants and crafstmen- the majority of anglos- had nothing to do with Imperial conquest, for instance.
This is a different form of anti-semitism than a xenophobic response to any Jew you see on the street . It's like a recent Dave Chappelle stand-up I saw where he talks about how - during his negotiations for his 50 mil contract, he "met the real white people." , not the people in the audience who "think they're white."
It isn't a perfect analogy, I know ( hes racist in that he assumes whites covet some imaginary power their race affords them. Most are simply not aware of it, I'm certain, and many that are reject it as well as they can.)
I see in the way anti-semitism is talked of today by proponents of Israels' genocidal policies an attempt to conflate any criticism of Israel as anti-semetic, when , clearly , it's an attack on the zionist elite of Israel. It seems they've established this identity among citizens that Jew=Israel=Zionism. Its faulty.

1:37 PM  

Blogger sammy said...


1:38 PM  

Blogger Luke P. said...

Off base?
sorry. it's such a big and relevant issue that its hard not to try to dig into it a little deeper.

2:50 PM  

Blogger M. Elias Hiebert said...

How about Herge?

5:40 PM  

Blogger Josh Simmons said...

Jews rule.

2:23 PM  

Blogger benji said...

Public Enemy yo.

10:17 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

T.S. Eliot would definitely be among my top favourites

6:38 PM  

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because someone says something once or occasionally does not make him a racist. Talk is just blowing off steam. True racism is action, not talk. When they exlude Jews from a place or event, that's antisemitism. I have seen Hemingway and Fitzgerald called antisemites just because a character in a novel says something flip about a Jew in the story. This is dopey and illiterate. If I want to show a character's mindset, I might have him make a racist remark. Does that mean I am? No, stupid! Hamsun was an antisemite, not Hem or Fitz. Fitz lived with a Jewish woman till the day he dropped dead in her living room in 1940. She called herself Sheila Graham. Google her to see the story.

7:29 PM  

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