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The site store still has a long way to go in being an accurate representive of whats in the physical space. For one, some of the best stuff comes in very low supply with no chance of reprint, like the 2 CD set, Rare Youth, with C.F. covers for example, but don't put online because it'll be gone too quickly.
But slowly slowly the online shop gets better. just added in:
Books: 4 Willeford novels, Bone House vol 4, new Jim Shepard collection, Supercock, new David Shrigley, Shock! Horror!, and the comic adaptation of Donald Goines' Daddy Cool.
Clothes: Shoboshobo hand made sweaters!
Recordings: Soiled Mattress and the Springs (take note all you Matthew Thurber fans), and the new Lucky Dragons, two records we really love.

posted by sammy at 7:30 PM

Blogger Emily said...

do you guys own the shop on fairfax? how do i contact you directly? thanks

8:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:30 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

click the word family on the blog for store address and phone.

9:14 PM  

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