Ian Svenonius at Family

This coming Sunday March 11, Ian Svenonius is starting his west coast tour at Family. He will be giving a slide show and signing copies of his new book, The Pyschic Soviet.
Besides fronting the influential punk band The Make Up and currently Weird War, Svenonius' writing has appeared all over the place the last few years. His new collection, The Psychic Soviet, from Drag City, is both one of the most illuminating, informative and head rattling reads you will come across as well as one of the most beautifully packaged. Resembling a maoist handbook from Earth 2-it's pocket sized, the covers are made of hot pink vinyl, and it's onion skin paper illustrated throughout with Svenonius' artwork. The essays within cover everything from religion, politics, vampirism, Seinfeld, Beatles vs the Stones, world history, and it all comes back to rock and roll (ie Communism) and its effect on everything in your life. Satirical, obsessive, ridiculous, epic, and right, Svenonius is fearless in assuming he knows everything about everything. Hands down one of my favorite books in years.
If you are any where nearby, you won't want to miss this very special occasion.

posted by sammy at 10:03 AM