Warning! Personal Plug!

I try not use this blog to promote my own projects, but feel like anyone reading this might be interested maybe.
This Saturday night is the opening of a Kramers Ergot exhibit at Macalester College in Minneapolis. We've never had a Kramers Ergot show before, and this one is as comprensive as can be with contributions from almost every contributor published (except for the ones who either hate me or I couldn't make it).
If you come out you'll see art from: Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Chris Cilla, C.F., Dan Zettwoch, Dave Kiersh, J. Bradley Johnson, David Heatley, Mat Brinkman, David Lasky, Genevieve Elverum, Lief Goldberg, Helge Reumann, Jerry Moriarty, James McShane, Anders Nilsen, Kevin Huizenga, Jason T. Miles, Sammy Harkham, Jeffrey Brown, Lauren Weinstein, Jordan Crane, Marc Bell, Mark Burrier, John Hankiewicz, Zack Soto, Sara Varon, Jim Drain, Matthew Thurber, Ron Rege jr, Shary Boyle, Mat Tait, Souther Salazar, Martin Cendreda, David Brook, Bald Eagles, Stefan Gruber, Tom Gauld, Vanessa Davis, Tobias Schalken, and Paper Rad.
So if your in the area, come by. It should be a interesting show. Matthew Thruber is going to perform and there might be some other things going on as well.
Here is more bare bones info.
and what the fuck, who doesn't want to see this in the flesh:

posted by sammy at 11:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inspiring and awesome to talk to you today!

8:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shows sounds fantastic, Sammy! I hope you'll be traveling to MN to take part?

9:38 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

charles, yes I will be there but that shouldn't deter you-I will be hunched over the free cheese.

9:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would love to continent-hop over there...

10:31 AM  

Blogger Jon Chandler said...

waaaah!!! I want to go.
i can't remember how to do a good crying emoticon..here goes...(;.;)
Don't apologise for this being a personal project, there is so much promotion of good work going on here and you are a king for that.

3:06 PM  

Blogger Luke P. said...

The sad thing is, I live two miles away and couldn't go..

4:15 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

you can still go. opening are sort of silly any way...though thurber's performance was great.

9:17 AM  

Blogger Luke P. said...

It would have been cool to meet you though

12:52 PM  

Blogger Aaron said...

This was a really amazing show. People are still talking about.

Thanks for bringing out to the MW.

5:47 PM  

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