One of our new favorite friends, Eric Kroll ( not work safe), had a BBQ on Sunday and so the whole gang headed out. Eric is one of those guys that is immensley likeable and friendly and social despite the fact that almost everything coming out of his mouth is totally filthy and its clear he is a compelete degenerate. But because he is so good natured, you dont mind at all . I was//am helping him gather material for a book so he'll call you at 2:00 am, talk a million miles a minute about his insane day, or his mustache, or catching dripping honey from a girl's privates with his mouth, or dinner with Fank Gehry, whatever, and you'll half wonder when he's going to get to the reason he called until you realise THAT is why he called. We once had a phone call where I had to convince him I was not a female pornstar named Kelley, which led him to tell me Kelley's real name, which she doesn't like to be called by anyone, and who he once photographed nude in someone's drive way moments after she fucked her boyfriend out in the open at a party only to find out her boyfriend was sleeping with another girl, which apparently bothered her, and wait, why was I calling again and who is this? He's great company. Anyway, I only took a couple boring photos before my camera gave out, but you can see more, courtesy of Eric's apprentice Coop (not work safe). His house is a controlled mess of books, ephemera and collected crap. But he is not precious about any of it. Right when I came in he walked me over to a book case and handed me a binder full of original Bill Ward drawings and promptly walked off continuing 4 other conversations at once. Over the course of the afternoon we drank some good cocktails, met a selection of LA's photography scene and stared at hairy plastic vaginas in hat box on the coffee table. The point is he rules.

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