The Sads Debut

Flyer by Mike Mills

Aaron Rose is a renaissance man. Founder of NY's Alleged Gallery and curator of the travelling exhibition/book 'Beautiful Losers', he's also a publisher, writer, teacher, producer, artist and now debuting a musical project, The Sads. The self-titled album is released through LA's 'Teardrops', a lavish vinyl package featuring cover art by artist Matt Leines, and a collage insert by Rose. Yes, all instruments were played by Rose too, a lo-lo-fi Garageband production, utilising such effects as typewriter key tapping and something that sounds like a metal detector. Rose spans genres, making each his own, from jaunty jazz numbers with keyboard horn sections, to sombre folk numbers ala Palace's Arise Therefore, to child-like, Satie-esque, piano-based compositions. His singing is earnest and unaffected, without sounding affectedly unaffected. By Rose's own admission, The Sads is 'the audio equivalent of a failing relationship in a Godard movie.' Live, Rose will be accompanied by an LA supergroup, with David Scott Stone on modular synth, Dave Monick on drums, and Aska Natsuniya on keys. They've been rehearsing assiduously - apparently Rose is very nervous. Go and ease his nerves. Word is there'll even be an Unsane cover.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sooo psyched for this!!
I have heard the Unsane cover...Amazing!

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