One of our favorite bands as well as the guys behind one of our best selling LPs in the store, Soiled Mattress & the Springs play tonight. So we are psyched. Should be a real fun night. Band member matthew thurber, also one of The Best Cartoonist in America, will be signing copies of his new comic 1 8000 MICE (as well as kramers ergot 6 and ganzfeld 4 and your boobs) following their set. Haven't heard Soiled Mattress & The Springs? Feeling like you need more to get your ass outside? Well for one, don't forget that every single instore show as been great and often revelatory (White Rainbow, hailing from oregon, has become THE new band for me after his set last Sunday). From No Age, Lavendar Diamond, Lucky Dragons, Tussle, Microphones, The Sads, etc, all have been great and we will never ever let you down. Ever. If thats not enough scroll down to Soiled Mattress and click listen.
See you there!

posted by sammy at 7:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those jerks made me buy them beer and mexican food last night, and then they borrowed money for 'saxaphone juice'.

2:18 PM  

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