This weeks new titles, briefly noted.

Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower
huge oversized 525 page book covering unknown gems of the US exploitation cinema era. sorta like the Art Out of Time book, but for movies. Thrower is an excellent writer and really gets to the heart of each of these films.

Uninked edited by Chris Ware
hardcover 'catalogue' (more like a small art book) for a show in Arizona which featured non comic art from cartoonists. Includes Jerry Moriarty, Seth, Ron Rege Jr, Gary Panter, and Kim Deitch.

Of Walking in Ice by Werner Herzog
In the mid seventies Herzog had a friend dying in the hopsital. His response? Walk across Europe in the dead of winter. He kept a diary, and this is it. Out of print since 1978.

Boy by Takeshi Kitano
The great filmmaker's first book of fiction to be translated into English, with nice die cut covers. Looks awesome. Haven't read it yet, so heres the (slightly overblown) info from the publisher's website: Quentin Tarantino introduced Kitano’s cinematic genius to America years ago, but his equally brilliant word-craft has been a well-kept secret outside his native Japan…until now. Kitano’s beautiful, lyrical anthology of short stories exemplifies the theme of “boyhood,” found in all his works. Fans of Kitano, Tarantino, or anyone in love with solid thoughtful writing will devour this impressive collection. It’s a literary meal not to be missed.

Uptight All Night by Jordan Crane
Stunning postcard set of recent artwork from our in-house wallpaper and insane ideas man. Really feels and looks more like a little art book than a postcard set.

Galactic Zoo Dossier
probably the best old school style zine around-published by drag city and the entire thing, text and all, illustrated by hand! Interviews with Clive Palmer, Gary Panter, Strawbs, Kevin Coyne, scattered Steve Ditko and sixties marvel appreciations, 2 free cds with tracks by many, and a 72 trading card set is included as well.

Comic Art #9
this magazine is just getting better and better, with the best cover yet. Finally something on Jesse Marsh, as well as an in depth Ben Schwartz profile on Kaz, Guylias Williams strips, Abner Dean, and best of all Jerry Moriarty nancy strips! Comes with a small guide to cartoning by Ivan Brunetti.

And a bunch of other stuff like new silkscreen prints from C.F., Matthew Thurber, and Leif Goldberg.

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