even more rad stuff (box cutter redux)

we got a lot more than sammy mentioned.

blood on satan's claw lp/cd. trunk.
a soundtrack to a movie with naked girls and blood. but the music is flutes and weird old electronic instruments. i know, right?

breathless 2-disc dvd. criterion.
i got pretty hard into jean-luc this year, and this movie is one of his best. recommend for nights alone in bed. $
days of heaven dvd. criterion.
visually stunning. my favorite terrence malick movie besides badlands and the thin red line. the visual equivalent of the magic hour, besides the real magic hour in the day time.

tv party dvds. mvd.
my favorite tv show ever hosted by a personal hero, mr. glenn o'brien. a late night public access (and sometimes call in) show that aired every wednesday from 1978 to 1982, tv party was "the tv show that is a cocktail party but which could also be a political party" and everyone from basquiat to robert fripp hung out and smoked weed in front of it's cameras.

help yourself, help yourself by pat dewitt.
did you know pat dewitt wrote a self help book? yeah me neither.

sundays with walt and skeezix. sunday press books.
i hate comics, i hate books so large you can't fit them anywhere and they become cumbersome objects in your home, so imagine my surprise when flipping through this and realizing i still hated comics and how obtuse this book is.

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