An insanely rad week to be holding the box cutter.

All this amazing stuff arrived this week.

Storeyville by Frank Santoro. Picturebox.
The best thing this week coming out anywhere is this. It sneaks up on you and holds you in place and the next thing you know the sun is coming up and your still holding it, freaking out over so many aspects of it-like the wonderful hopper-esque images of small towns and the just right period details that make this much more than the sum of it's parts as well as just a great object. It's exciting and inspiring and oversized and hardcover and has some great writing in the intro from Chris Ware, who has really internalized much of what makes this thing awesome. Need more? Read a nice Santoro interview with his editor.

Mario Bava Collection Volume 2. Anchor Bay.
Like a Basil Gogos painting come to life. The rare sixties horror guy who actually wanted to be a horror guy and completely delivers every single time.

Some Kinda Vocation by Cheryl Dunn. Picturebox again.
A lot of photobooks come out every week and most deal in the same stuff: artists, dirty kids, parties, guys pissing. And all of it looking like Terry Richardson's leftovers. Dunn does take photos of popular artists like chris johanson and barry mcgee and there are pictures of new jersey teenagers and bums but her work is head and shoulders above the rest of the vice photo staff by bringing an extremely strong eye to it all making something quite rich emotionally.

Bob Richardson by Terry Richardson. Damiani.
Speaking of Terry Richardson, here is the posthumous book on his father a fashion photographer in the sixties who completely changed how people looked at fashion spreads and ended by crazy and homeless and dead. I hate fashion, I hate fashion photography, so imagine my surprise when flipping through this and realizing I was looking at some of the strongest pictures this side of Stephen Shore and William Eggleston.

Basket Case 2 by Frank Henenlotter. Synapse.
Basket Case is in my top five for most beautiful pieces of hand made idiosyncratic cinema ever. and now part 2 is finally released on dvd!

Soft Power by Little Wings. Marriage Records.
The new record by one of the best new folky guys around. everything he has done has been radical and you can just add this onto the list. Also this week: Soft Power hand made patches:

Me and My Brother by Robert Frank. D.A.P.
Did you know Robert Frank made a movie? yeah me neither.

Black Black 2.
BLACK BLACK played the store a couple weeks ago on a triple bill . A teenage rock band that completely stole everyone's heart by the sheer jaw droppingly well crafted music on display. Awesome scary haunting sad music. The singer has that great kind of voice where she doesn't really sing, its more like she's singing along and it reminds you that girls singing off handedly is like one of the rare joys of this life. They dropped off home burned cds of their second batch of songs, all with really nice hand drawn covers.
Click the link and listen to 'honey in your ears'.

People Look Like Flowers at Last: New Poems by Charles Bukowski. Harper Collins.
At times its hard to like Bukowski because of the evil influence it has had on lonesome teenage wordsmiths the world over, but just a cursory glance at this book yesterday left me standing there for ages wanting to read just one more page. And if anything, all the shallow imitation just goes to show you what a fine line it is, making this scrappy heartfelt stuff work.

Moomin Volume 2. Drawn and Quarterly.
MOOMIN. MOO-MIN. MOOOOOOOO......MMMMIIIIIIN. MOOMIN. We should all be so lucky to make up a word that not only sounds like it always existed but is also fun to say all fucking day.

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