Holiday Road

If you've been by or around the shop within the past few weeks I'm sure you've noticed the bevy of young and young at heart Jewish people walking carefree, lulav's (sp?) in hand, celebrating the many holidays that have had me confined to the desk at work 7 days a week. Even famous cartoon characters can't deny the feel good vibes of holidays like Sukkah and Rosh Hashana, and the fine people at San Rio are getting a head start on the marketing at hand. Since David and Sammy deal highly with many famous cartoonists and animators I'm proud to share with you all a preview of the upcoming Hello Kitty Channauka promotion!!! Coming soon:

posted by NATE at 5:28 PM

Blogger sammy said...

nate, a new low....

9:39 PM  

Blogger NATE said...

but did you see the easel and paintbrush? hello kitty is an artist, just like you.

10:00 PM  

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