This Weeks's Movie Pick: The Wicker Man

Coming all the way from England is a beautiful print of this classic film, part of the SECTS, DRUGS, & MIND CONTROL festival at the Cinefamily this month. You will want to be there for this, as the chance of a print popping up again in LA is highly unlikely. Friday Night at 10 and Midnight.
From the Program:
One of the true "cult" classics from the 1970s, The Wicker Man is an
intriguing occult thriller about evil neo-pagan happenings on a remote
Scottish isle. Scripted by playwright Anthony Shaffer and directed by
Robin Hardy, the film features an iconic performance by Edward
Woodward as an upright detective from the mainland called out to
investigate a tip about a missing girl. Once there, Woodward discovers
an unsettling island community, at once welcoming, but also chillingly
hermetic. The villagers are more concerned with nude sun worship than
Woodward's investigation, which eventually leads to one of cinema's
most infamous endings. Featuring Christopher Lee as the island's
inscrutable representative, Lord Summerisle, and Britt Ekland as a
comely innkeeper's daughter whose legendary seduction scene led to
urban legends of then-husband Rod Stewart trying to suppress the film.

Directed by Robin Hardy, 1973, 100 min.

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