What's next? Jeepers Jacobs directed by McG?

Just read the surreal and good news that Michel Gondry is directing a short film adaptation of Gabrielle Bell's strip 'Cecil and Jordan in New York', first published in Kramers Ergot 5 (with a title change to Interior Design). Now I can't wait for Brinkman's Mutant Life Expectancy directed by Frank Hennenlotter. or Ang Lee's version of Zettwoch's 'The Ghost of Dragon Canoe'. or Miranda July's Bald Eagles Adaptation. or Jim Jarmusch's Tom Gauld's Writers series (in the vignettes style of Coffee and Cigarettes) or Tom Shadyac doing Heatley's 'My Sexual History'.

By the way I guess here would be the place to just say once and for all that Gondry's video for Daft Punk's Around the World is not only the best video I have ever seen, but one of the great pieces of art in my life. I could watch those girls in the swimming caps rotating around those football players with the fake heads on a loop all day now till forever. And being on acid and 15 on first viewing might have something do with it but that's good thing.

posted by sammy at 3:10 PM

Blogger NATE said...

or what about richard linklater turning poot into a teen-flick? or jean-luc godard's adaptation of bj & da dogs? or werner herzog's brilliant portrayal of poor sailor? or spike jonze's long-form music video adaptation of fabio viscogliosi's pornography for beginners? or can you image david cronenberg taking 1-800 mice to great new levels of entertainment? or mike mills finishing the cold heat comic series where issue 4 left off?! or almodovar doing for johnny ryan's xxx scumbag party what he did for volver? or lynne ramsay making doonsbury a modern day journey into the psyche of political minds? or john huston turning uptight into a made-for-tv movie of the week on lifetime? the possibilities are endless!

11:20 AM  

Blogger NATE said...

OR, what about about nick cassavetes casting justin timberlake in his version of moomin? or what about xan cassavetes putting her mom (gena rowlands) in the 4 part film epic adaptation of shortcomings? or johnny depp as the titchular billy hazelnuts directed by tim burton? or will smith writing, directing, and staring as kim deitch's kooky creation alias the cat? or ernest borgnine holding a gun to the head of the ghost of fassbinder and ordering him to make black hole by charles burns into a 5 hour movie with exclusive music by c&c music factory?...

8:05 PM  

Blogger NATE said...

also too bad robert altman died, he could have made a nashville-style epic based on kramer's ergot 5, with jeff goldblum as CF on a tricycle.

8:07 PM  

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