Tuesday, Duesday

This Tuesday, February 19, 2008, the guys from dublab.com will be at family from noon until nine playing records in the shop. If you aren't fully aware, Dublab is a really great online radio station based out of here (Los Angeles) that has been around for several years and happens to be run by extremely awesome people. They've had people/bands like Animal Collective, John Wiese, High Places, and so many more do in studio sessions and once a week they do a live "feed" (it's mostly pre-recorded sets otherwise). So no stress if you don't live in LA or can't come because you can listen online at their website. They have even manage to get me to play some records Tuesday, exciting.

::update:: here is the schedule for tomorrow, and ahn do owns every eric b & rakim record, so watch out:

1-2:30pm - Michael Stock (Part Time Punks)
2:30-3pm - Ale
3-4pm - Kozy
4-5pm - Nate (me, the guy who authored this blog/post)
5-6pm - matthewdavid
6-7:30pm - frosty
7:30-8:30pm - Anh Do
8:30-9pm - Ale

(our clock spins on pacific standard time)

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