Naked on the Vague

This Sunday, May 11 at 8pm Naked on the Vague will be playing the store. They are old friends from Sydney, and I have seen their music develop into the very singular and visionary concept it is today. This is how their Australian label Dual Plover describes them:

"Diving deep into a world of apocalyptic pop and psychedelic weirdness, their disparate vocals grip onto stabbing keys and menacing hook-laden basslines, pushed on by an unrelentling drum machine far past the end of its warranty period. Essentially a ‘punk’ assault ranging from some almost dance-able short and sharp ‘hits’ to gloomy extended freak-outs. Taking direction from where the short lived 'no-wave' movement ended, expanding on what the imploded scene may have garnished had it not succumbed to its own fatalistic shortcomings."

Band member Mathew Hopkins is also an amazing artist and keeps a well maintained blog of his projects that you can check out here:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naked on the Vague are very amazing people, especially LIVE!

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