On April 20th the often-spoken-of-but-rarely-seen Sissy Spacek (John Wiese, Corydon Ronnau & Jesse Jackson) are setting up a unique sound-installation piece here in the shop for one night only and we/they need your help!

Do you own a boombox with a CD player? Preferably one that can plug into a wall? If so, please email us @ familylosangeles @ hotmail dot com and write "sissy spacek" as your subject so it doesn't get filed* into the wrong folder. We/they are going to need at least TEN boomboxes so even if you don't have a boombox you could tell one of your friends who might.

This event is also the end of their west coast tour they are on right now (actually they are playing the smell the next night, monday April 21, but we can share the end I think) & if that wasn't incentive enough the band just dropped a massive FOUR CD boxset that includes a recording of the 13-tet show they played back in december at the smell (a set that included members of all your favorite rising-star bands, too many to list in fact) and we will have them here starting that night.

*thrown away

bonus egg youtube footy of the band from 2005:

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