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posted by kramer at 12:36 PM

Blogger Babe Rainbow said...

craw! is the top shary boyle? is that original shit? it's like ergot 6 beginning page. also, why doesnt family respond to e-mails?

5:19 PM  

Blogger Babe Rainbow said...

also, that gondry guy is so-so

even bad - how did he get published!?

5:22 PM  

Blogger NATE said...

the top is a spread from mike mills' fireworks book, below that are spreads from the bill book. learn to differentiate between modern artists, stop being so negative, and maybe we will respond.

6:26 PM  

Blogger Babe Rainbow said...

learn to differentiate btwn modern artists? are you serious? what do you think i am trying to do by asking the question - as for the negativity i was just trying to shw an opinion or whtevr. sorry.

10:13 PM  

Blogger NATE said...

nah nah you're cool.

2:07 AM  

Blogger sammy said...

BR-please pay no mind to nate. he is young and does not know the language of people-and most of all does not speak for the store!

1:50 PM  

Blogger NATE said...

monday morning quarterback.

5:54 PM  

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