halloween starts this week.

Big fake rubber eye balls, screaming children, dyed corn syrup, lots of flannel, synth scores, doom, destruction, torn limbs and long shadows. Ah, the mighty horror movie! In honor of this fine, often maligned genre, The Cinefamily has put on a month long horror festival kicking off this Wednesday. The range of films in astounding: Besides mini festivals dedicated to Val Lewton and George Romero (Martin! on the big screen!), there's mini-festivals dedicated to Japanese Ghost Stories, evil children, and, of course, a zombie festival (including a very special screening of Messiah of Evil) that culminates in a Fulci Triple feature. Yes, I said TRIPLE FEATURE. and there's more-special events include screenings of rare vintage horror cartoons, tv movies, and a Clint Howard hosted screening of Evil speak! Check out the amazing list of everything here.
But the real reason this is being posted on this particular blog, is because Family has curated a whole stack of double features as part of horror month at The Cinefamily-Every Sunday (and one Monday) in particular, Family has hand selected some of our favorite horror movies for your viewing pleasure:
October 5th at 8pm: A Corman/Poe night with Masque of the Red Death and Premature Burial!
October 12th at 2pm: Art Spiegelman Presents Tod Brownings Freaks!
October 12th at 8pm: The Deadly Spawn with The Blob!
October 19 at 8pm: Jack Shoulder night with The Hidden and Alone in the Dark!
October 27 at 8pm: Wes Craven B-Sides: The People Under the Stairs with Serpent and the Rainbow!
All screenings start at 8pm, unless otherwise noted! More info here.

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