Rege! Pham! Release party!

Ron Rege, the man did the mural outside the store, and John Pham, Family house artist, both have new comics out this month. Come join on us at 7pm this Sunday, the 19th of October, for a signing and instore performance from Ron's one man band, Discombobulated Ventriloquist.

Against Pain is the first collection of multipage anthology pieces by Ron Regé, Jr. The storytelling side of his expressive work is featured in these comic strips gathered from McSweeney's, The New York Times, Kramers Ergot, NON, Rosetta, Arthur, The Comics Journal, and Drawn & Quarterly's anthology. Suicide bombers, art appreciation, and a Lynda Barry "cover" are brought together under the theme of suffering and how people cope with it. Against Pain also includes the alt-comics zine classic Boys: a 22-page collaborative comic--considered by many to be Regé’s finest work--illustrating the "lust life" of a friend in explicitly honest and hilarious detail.

About Sublife: Two white supremacist brothers live in the midst of an “ethnic” urban flood along with a dog they’ve trained as a weapon. A household made up of three renters, a landlord who never leaves her attic bedroom, and her son, who insists on wearing a sheet over his head all the time. A pack of ravenous stray dogs chase a cat down a desolate alleyway. The lonely, grimy silhouette of Los Angeles, ever-present. All these separate threads weave through the first part of "221 Sycamore St.", an ongoing story about the desperate need for family in two distinct households that share an indelible yet mysterious connection.

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