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Honestly I had no idea how the Kramers Ergot event would go-I don't think of LA as a rah-rah comics town and people can be fickle in general, plus the book is costly. If Josh Simmons hadn't suggested it, I wasn't even thinking of getting a table to have artists sign at-there is nothing sadder than a big signing table with a pyramid of books and stack of fresh pens and a line of artists sitting there leaning forward on there elbows scanning the room trying to find someone, anyone, to hand them something to doodle on while there is no one around for miles.
So I was glad/relieved/excited to see that the signing kept everyone drawing nonstop for over two solid hours. We sold way more copies than we thought we would, almost all the copies Buenaventura had brought down (there are 3 copies left in the store, and they are the last ones we'll have till december. so come check it out). The night exceeded all of our expectations totally. And the original art looks amazing. You should come by and see it all: Groening-Cilla-Boyle-Simmons-Nilsen-Salazar-Pham-Hensley-Furie-Hernandez-and myself.
Ward Long took photos, and some are posted here. And Wendy has some too.

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Blogger Jason Overby said...

This's about the only thing that makes me wish I hadn't moved out of California! Congrats, guys!

6:14 PM  

Blogger LOOKA said...

Hey! Congratulationos Family!
That sounds great. I'm happy to hear it went like a rush!


4:11 AM  

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