Night Business

Everyone reading this dumb blog is reading this comic right? We have it in the store, on the comic rack. Best single piece of art in the whole place-yes that includes Mirandy July's very cute "letters to self" posters (as Nate would say "hey, I'm just sayin!"). If you live in that filthy swamp pit called New York City, there is going to be a release party for Night Business on Saturday night at a record store called Sound Fix in Williamsburg, 8 till whenever. I have met artist Ben Marra only once, but if he was gay, and I was straight, and we had some jager, and life just looked for once like it had some kind of future...look, it'll be a good party and you should go if your not busy scrubbing bum shit off your shoe.

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i am a bit of a blog retard. My Msg seemed to not get through. So i am traying again BUT feel like a stalker so how does it work do you guys edit these posts before you put them up??? can't find an email addy for you sammy, help me out? I want to converse. jasmine

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