Frownland This Weekend.

Frownland, directed by Ronald Bronstein, is a very special movie having a rare four day run at The Cinefamily over the next couple days, and I highly urge you to go see it. I put it on my best of the year list for 2007, and agree with everything I wrote then:

Watching it the first time, I didn't know really what to think. Sure it reminded me of Basket Case and Martin in its visual style, and in part Lodge Kerrigan and Mike Leigh in it's thematic approach, and I could see the worth in it's literally tight focus on a truly disturbed ingratiating character but it was hard to deal with (and hard to decipher how much of that was intentional). It's not a movie that helps the viewer along at all. And as you find the film's rhythm, it gets even harder. But I haven't stopped thinking about the movie since I saw it earlier this year and rewatching it with an audience the other day I was struck by how much better it was on repeat viewing and how funny it is-the audience was laughing throughout. If it shows up at a festival near you or on dvd, its definitely worth a look.

Go see it. For a movie with practically no domestic distribution it's gathered a nice following so far, with favorable write ups in The New Yorker, Film Comment, Filmmaker Magazine, and The New York Times.
For showtimes go here.
And Cinemad just posted an insightful interview with Bronstein as well.

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