Family Bookstore Records Presents Asdsska

Family Bookstore is proud to present the first release from Family Bookstore Records.

Asdsska - '25'

Asdsska is a duo consisting of Aska Matsumiya (The Sads, Moonrats) and David Scott Stone (The Sads, Get Hustle, Unwound, Melvins).

'25', features classically trained pianist Matsumiya playing a slow debussy-like refrain accompanied by her delicate voice and Stone's ethereal modular synthesizer rattles and drones. The B-side is 'We Feel it More Than They Do', an ambient instrumental variation on 25's melody.

A music video for 25 was directed by Spike Jonze and Crystal Moselle.

The 7" features cover art by Elke Kramer.

Available now for $5, and will be available for purchase off the site any minute.

On May 24, at 7pm, Family will host a record release party with Asdsska backed by The Ladies Choir, made up of 14 singers. There will also be a screening of the music video.

The Ladies Choir pt. 2 from chumpchampion on Vimeo.

posted by kramer at 2:48 PM

Blogger the golden state of things said...

i must be there for this.

4:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elke's cover art is the shiz. Can't wait to see this...

2:20 PM  

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