Tehching Hsieh

We have the new Tehching Hsieh retrospective book. Covers his whole career.

Here he is chained to his pal for a year.

ONE YEAR PERFORMANCE 1980-1981 (You have to click for the video - for some reason I couldn't embed it. If anyone knows who to embed from this site let me know cos these are so cool)

For the second One Year Performance, known informally as the Time Piece, Hsieh punched a time clock, every hour on the hour, twenty-four hours a day, for an entire year. An observer verified each day's time card. "To help illustrate the time process," Hsieh shaved his head before the piece began, and then let his hair grow freely for the duration. Every time he punched the clock, a movie camera shot a single frame. The resulting film compresses each day into a second, and the whole year into about six minutes.

ONE YEAR PERFORMANCE 1981-1982 (Click again)

For the third One Year Performance, known informally as the Outdoor Piece, Hsieh stayed out of doors for a whole year. He did not enter any building or roofed structure. Mostly, he roamed around Lower Manhattan. He relied on pay phones and chance meetings to keep in touch with his friends. Each day, he recorded his wanderings on a map, noting in particular the places where he ate and slept.

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Anonymous Clax said...

If you press the pause button, the code to embed will come up.

here's the code for the first (without the < and > so it will let me post it):

embed src='http://ubu.artmob.ca/video/flash/player-viral.swf' height='434' width='550' allowscriptaccess='always' allowfullscreen='true' flashvars='file=http%3A%2F%2Fubu.artmob.ca%2Fvideo%2Fflash%2FTehching_Hsieh-One-Year-Performance-No-2_1981.flv&plugins=viral-1d'/

And thanks, these are really great videos...

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Blogger kramer said...

hey clax,

i had the embedding code and it came up in preview, but when i tried to post it, this message appeared:

Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not closed:

any tips?

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Anonymous Clax said...

There should be a check box under that error message that says: "Stop showing HTML errors for the body of this post"

Check that and it *should* work. I tried it on a blogger blog and it worked...

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