Last Days of Sutherland Show + Amazing New Will Sweeney Music VId

Wednesday and Thursday are your last days to see Peter Sutherland's Hot Coals Only. Get in.

And here's a new Will Sweeney music video for French act, Birdy Nam Nam. This will blow your mind. So good.
(for full mind blowing effect, click menu at the bottom right of the video and click full screen and HD!)

posted by kramer at 4:30 PM

Blogger bryan elfboy said...

incredible... homage to Rene Laloux? Reminds me a little bit of Time Masters or Fantastic Planet. really amazing work.

7:28 AM  

Blogger sammy said...

I have been watching this a couple times a day. really perfect in idea and execution. even somebody great like jamie hewlett has a big budget, when their work is animated looks cheap somehow or aesthetically compromised with fake blurs, bad use of cg, etc. this on the other hand, is perfectly done.

8:09 AM  

Blogger bryan elfboy said...

i would love to see a narrative (non music-video) animation by Sweeney, as this piece is really mindblowing. A perfect combination of traditional animation and Flash/After Effects techniques.

who would I get in contact with to show this at our animation screening (Animation Attack) in Atlanta?

11:09 AM  

Blogger sammy said...

you can probably reach will through his website,

11:46 AM  

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