Shana Moulton tonight at The Cinefamily!

We're blogging this is late, but you should go anyway. you're familiar with Shana Moulton's work-her collaborations with Paper Rad, and her great contributions to the Cartune Xprez DVDs we carry in the store. she'll be preforming at The Cinefamily tonight for an evening of her uninhibited, life-affirming and psychoactive video works, including the highly confessional Whispering Pines series. Using lo-fi video effects, Moulton has found true, arresting psychedelia buried in the Bodhi Tree aesthetic, creating images that linger with you beyond casual viewing.

"Sick with pastel plastics and cluttered with Enya-era New Agey home d├ęcor, Moulton's off-kilter chroma-keyed studio performances succeed at being both soul-cringingly creepy and living-room-rave exuberant, channeling the spirit of 1987 in ways even Shirley MacLaine could never have predicted." - Ed Halter, Village Voice
You dont want to miss it-Starts at 8PM !

posted by sammy at 3:40 PM

Blogger dear memo magazine said...

crying that i cant make it

5:26 PM  

Blogger dear memo magazine said...

crying that can't make it - its going to be so amazing

5:27 PM  

Blogger kramer said...

me too

9:19 PM  

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