A Couple New Comics.

We have low quantities of the following in the store, wanted to point them out before they disappear for good:

Jimbo by Gary Panter
One of the very best comics to come out in a long long time, and maybe an all time high for Panter who is blasting on all cylinders/in peak form right now.

Night Business #3 by Benjamin Marra
One of the best comic series around-strippers, vice cops, serial killers, guidos, all mix it up in the pre-giuliani era New York. Like Douglas Sirk directing an Abel Ferrara script or something.

Autonoman Karn Piana
This was on my top ten of the year. I really like it, and considering it's this dude's first comic, very exciting too.

Pines #2 and Yoko Ono by Jason t. Miles
Two really nice new comics.

McSweeney's #33
Huge newspaper with big color comic section from Ware, Brunetti, Clowes, others.

posted by sammy at 2:01 PM