Reporting at Wit's End

New York Times just ran this piece on St. Clair Mckelway, ex-New Yorker managing editor and 'non-fiction choreographer' from the 30s to the 60s...

"In the annals of injustice, as The New Yorker might phrase it, the obscurity into which St. Clair McKelway has fallen amounts to a literary crime. His writing for the magazine rivaled that of his far better-remembered colleagues, Joseph Mitchell and A. J. Liebling, both of whose careers he was instrumental in promoting. From 1936 to 1939, he served as The New Yorker’s managing editor in charge of fact (as opposed to fiction) pieces. During those crucial years he played a major role in solidifying the magazine’s non fiction style — “the choreography,” as Ben Yagoda describes it in “About Town,” his history of The New Yorker, “of the extraordinary number of facts the writer had collected.” Today he’s all but forgotten."

The rest right here

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