The Beaver Trilogy plays Tomorrow in LA!

Finally, a post talking about something going on at home. oh good ol' home...

Life. Art. Obsession. Olivia Newton-John. For a far-out glimpse into how all these alchemic elements collide, look no further than Beaver Trilogy.

It doesn't get much better than this. Without a doubt one of our all time favorite movies-the kind of movie that if it was ever released on dvd it would sit prominently on one of the center tables at the store for at least a year. It's the best thing Sean Penn and Crispin Glover have ever been involved in. It's heartbreaking, and awkward, and funny, and thematically rich. It's never been released on VHS or DVD, and rarely gets played (oh sean penn, you son of a bitch). But it is playing on Saturday night at The Cinefamily. And you are lucky. Because while we are stuck in New York trying to teach these turkeys how it is done on the west coast and do god's work, you get to go see one of our favorite movies ever on the big screen and its not a dupy bootleg. You're gonna love it, you lucky lucky few.

In 1979, a chance meeting between "Groovin' Gary", an eccentric surfer dude- type, and Trent Harris, who worked for a local TV station, resulted in The Beaver Kid, a captivating short doc about Gary's other life as an awkward, yet impassioned Olivia-styled female impersonator. Obsessively driven to the subject matter as much as Gary was driven to "be" Olivia, Harris years later refashioned the story into two separate fiction shorts -- with one crudely shot on video starring a young, pre- Fast Times Sean Penn -- and the other starring the inimitable Crispin Glover -- with both actors giving their performances all they have to give. Viewed as a whole, Beaver Trilogy is an experience so distinct, layered, and brazenly raw that it eludes an appropriate cinematic analogy. As a film, it's mesmerizing. As an extract of the human psyche, it's astonishing. Please don't keep it waiting.

We're proud to co-present this rare theatrical screening of the legendary omnibus by Salt Lake City auteur Trent Harris, the man behind the cult fave Crispin Glover vehicle Rubin & Ed!
Saturday, April 17th at 7:30 pm.
To buy tickets, go to the Cinefamily site.

And if you're reading this, and you don't live in LA, just watch all these.

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