It's past midnight so I can say tonight we'll be having our opening party! We installed Kyle Field's work today, or Denise the superhuman installer did. They look amazing.

Gary and Josh have been assiduously working on the light show after hours. Here they are offering hilarious banter for the camera. For real they are a dynamite comedic duo. Here Joshua is about to refer to me and Sammy as: "shmucks, but good shmucks."

We just posted about Gary so here's some Joshua White light show clips. Joshua White is renowned for his light shows at NY's Fillmore East in the late sixties and early seventies for artists like Hendrix and the Grateful Dead, employing an arsenal of various trailblazing effects, including the now-iconic “liquid light"!

People may be less aware White also directed the 'Bookman' episode of Seinfeld! This is my favorite episode, which is a big call. Watch how Jerry can't control his laughter.

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Blogger Rata said...

i'm your neighbor on Franklin St and have been looking forward to your opening. I'll be there!

5:56 AM  

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