Jaime Hernandez Signing Tuesday May 4th in Los Angeles!

All these NY-centric blog posts getting you down, our sun drenched blunderers? well don't worry hometown friends, we got something awesome for you....

"To celebrate the release of the new art book, The Art Jaime Hernandez-The Secrets of Life and Death, Family is pleased to be hosting a signing and conversation with the books principal creators Jaime Hernanadez, Todd Hignite, and Jordan Crane on Tuesday, May 4th at 7pm.
Jaime Hernandez, along with his two brothers, Gilbert and Mario, changed American cartooning forever when they self-published their first comic book, Love and Rockets in 1981. Over twenty-five years later it is still going strong. Hernandez’s stories chronicle the lives of some of the most memorable and fully formed characters the comics form has ever seen. His female protagonists, masterfully delineated with humor, candor, and breathtaking realism, come to life within California’s Mexican-American culture and punk milieu. an acknowledged inspiration to countless artists-without Love and Rockets, the entire graphic novel landscape would look very different and that much worse without it.
The notoriously private artist has opened his archives for the first time for acclaimed Editor/Writer Todd Hignite, revealing never-before-seen sketches, childhood drawings, and unpublished work, alongside his most famous Love and Rockets material. Beautifully designed by the award winning cartoonist and designer, Jordan Crane, this new book is the definitive biographical and critical tome on the artist."

And it warmed my heart to stumble upon this Village Voice cover a couple days ago. Sick.

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and vromans wednesday. jaime made tapes http://inkstuds.com/?paged=10

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